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Current Status and Readme

  • Our Bylaws are not complete! This page is a stub, being actively fleshed out. Please comment using the Talk page!
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  • For Wiki access problems, email Russ. For bylaws issues, email Nate (myself at telcodata dot us)


Many organizational details are set out legally in the Articles of Incorporation, and don't need to be duplicated in the Bylaws.


as business office, recordkeeping, access, responsibilities


duties, term, elections, vacancies, removal


criteria, dues, payment, waivers, refundability, expulsion, quitting


voting, voting by electronic means, proxies, quorum, minutes, annual meeting

Troubling: Michigan compiled laws 450.2305


guests, hosts, tool 'ownership', safety, revocation, a way for members to 'lease' tools to the space?