Parking Tickets and Parking Permits

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Parking Permits and Tickets

This page describes what they are and provides a list of "official" permits and their disposition.

Parking Ticket

What it is

A parking ticket is a piece of paper attached to any medium-to-large object that is found in the space without an owner or any indication how long it will be there or who owns it.

Who can issue

Parking tickets can be issued by any member of i3 Detroit.

What happens when one is issued

A physical copy of the ticket will be affixed to the object, with a deadline for a response.

Parking Permit

What it is

A physical document that is affixed to a medium-to-large object that signifies an agreement between the object's owner and i3 Detroit that the object is allowed on-site to occupy space in the space for an agreed upon time. The permit can be extended.

Who can issue

Parking permits can be issued by the same people who issue parking tickets: officers and directors of i3 Detroit.


Q: Are ticketed and unpermitted objects automatically disposed of?

A: No. The Board of Directors must take action to affirmatively decide that an object will be disposed of.

List of Parking Tickets

Ticket # Description of Object Date Issued Issuer Permit # Date Issued Issuer Comment
0001 Sample description of offending object 15-Sep-2011 Roger S 0001 16-Sep-2011 Dustin W Comment 1
0002 Sample description of offending object 15-Sep-2011 Roger S 0004 16-Sep-2011 Dustin W Comment 2 a longer comment to test space