CNC Plasma Cutter

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CNC Plasma Cutter
[[Image:Pen Plotting Option|175px| ]]
Name Plasma Cutter
Owner Walter Fruge (100%)
Make Model  ???
Part Number  ???
Date Acquired
Storage Location To the left of the welding table.
Authorization Required
Other References


4' x 4' CNC Plasma Cutter (able to cut up to 1/2" steel / aluminum / copper / ...)


Must be on the list of operators to actually run the machine, but anyone can request a part to be cut. This will be flushed out better once the tool chain is set up.


You can write the instructions here. Or maybe add a link to another page or the user's manual.

Maintenance Info

Maintenance Info is kept on this page:


A list of commonly asked questions

  • What are the Consumables for the machine?
    • Torch Tips. To-Do: Need ordering and pricing info.
    • Steel Support Mesh. Over time the steel support mesh gets consumed as the torch makes cuts. A new set of support steel can be fabricated on the Plasma Cutter - which is just cool.


In the final stages of being set up. Tool chain still needs to be defined.