Potlock Menu Planning

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  • There will be two mealtimes: "lunch" at ~1pm and "dinner" at ~7pm, or whenever somebody starts cooking!
  • Snacks of various kinds will be available throughout.
  • Beverages will be BYOB since we've already got a supply of pop in the kitchen. This is a great opportunity to restock your favorites if they're running low!
  • There is a grill at the space, right?
  • If you have a crockpot, please consider using it! We don't have proper kitchen at the space, so crockpots and such will be helpful for supplying us all with hot food.
  • Please avoid common allergens (or put them on the side) if they're optional in your recipe: nuts, dairy, wheat, etc.

Lunch Entrees

Food Item Bringer of Food
Tasty snack-ums yummies i3 detroit member #2342
Vegetable platter with dips Dustin White
Veggie Entree (?) <this could be you!>

Dinner Entrees

Food Item Bringer of Food
Chicken enchilada soup Cherish
Baked Mac & Cheese (1 w/ onion/bacon, 1 without)both my 6 cheese special, half catering pan each. Steve H
Homemade bread Melissa B
Assorted Desserts Melissa B

Snacks, Salads, & Sides

Food Item Bringer of Food When? (lunch, dinner, or either/both)
Avocado Dip Nate W
Assorted Salads Melissa B mid-day
Fruit Plate <this could be you?>


Food Item Bringer of Food