Potlock Menu Planning

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  • There will be two mealtimes: "lunch" at ~1pm and "dinner" at ~7pm, or whenever somebody starts cooking!
  • Snacks of various kinds will be available throughout.
  • Beverages will be BYOB since we've already got a supply of pop in the kitchen. This is a great opportunity to restock your favorites if they're running low!
  • There is a grill at the space, right?
  • If you have a crockpot, please consider using it! We don't have proper kitchen at the space, so crockpots and such will be helpful for supplying us all with hot food.
  • Please avoid common allergens (or put them on the side) if they're optional in your recipe: nuts, dairy, wheat, etc.

Lunch Entrees

Food Item Bringer of Food
tasty snacks i3 detroit member #2342
veggie dip Allen M
6 foot italian sub Terry W
Makerspace Salad: Use the available (better than iceberg)

lettuce and variety of topping to customize your own salad

Joseph Conrad

Dinner Entrees

Food Item Bringer of Food
huge pan of lasagna Jon Andersen
Party tray pizza Dustin
Chilli Richard - stored in white freezer
Casserole - Cheese, mushrooms, random stuff... Nate W

Snacks, Salads, & Sides

Food Item Bringer of Food When? (lunch, dinner, or either/both)
root veg soup 
steve h both
pork potstickers Chris A Whenever
Mich-made Better Made chips: BBQ and Homestyle. Awww yeeeeah. Karen Corbeill  ?
Fruit Salad Dave S Afternoon
Ferndale's own Garden Fresh Gourmet: Mild, Medium, Hot and Fruit Salsa with Tortilla Chips Joseph Conrad Both
Joseph Conrad's own Awesome! Mix: Gluten-Free Snack Mix Joseph Conrad Both


Food Item Bringer of Food
Pie Adrienne
Brownies W. Scott Richardson