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Space Operations

HOWTO Close up the space 
A checklist to complete if you are the last one out at the end of the night.
HOWTO Host an event at i3detroit 
Scheduling, publicity, day-of tasks.
HOWTO Sign up a new member 
A checklist for signing up a new member.
HOWTO Program a key 
How to program keys for new members.
HOWTO Process a new member 
Administrative steps necessary to get a new member "in the system".
HOWTO Give a new member orientation 
Checklist of things new (and old) members need to know.
HOWTO Park your car 
Rubber side down.


HOWTO Use the printer 
It's a Laserjet 6P. The details are here.
HOWTO use the Plotter 
Instructions for using the HP DesignJet 300.

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