Procedures and Instructions

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Space Operations

HOWTO Close up the space 
A checklist to complete if you are the last one out at the end of the night.
HOWTO Host an event at i3detroit 
Scheduling, publicity, day-of tasks.
HOWTO Sign up a new member 
A checklist for signing up a new member.
HOWTO Program a key 
How to program keys for new members.
HOWTO Process a new member 
Administrative steps necessary to get a new member "in the system".
HOWTO Give a new member orientation 
Checklist of things new (and old) members need to know.
HOWTO Park your car 
Rubber side down.


HOWTO Use the Laserjet 6P 
It's old. The details are here.
HOWTO use the Plotter 
Instructions for using the HP DesignJet 300.
HOWTO use the Laserjet 5SI 
It's slices, it dices, it duplexes!

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