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(Immediate items (being tackled at Potlock))
Line 60: Line 60:
| Multizone audio  
| Multizone audio  
| Hang speakers, wire up Muzak amps  
| Hang speakers, wire up Muzak amps in Progress<br>
| <br>  
| <br>  
| Russ is working On/Shop done
| Russ is working On/Shop done
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| Strip LEDs in e-room alcoves  
| Strip LEDs in e-room alcoves  
| Mount, wire to switch
| Done
| reflectors, AC parts  
| reflectors, AC parts  
| Russ/Nick Completed
| Russ/Nick Completed

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This is the ever-ongoing space improvement project.

This is the list if jobs that are still undone. Some items have names associated with them, others don't. Feel free to take charge of any unclaimed item, or offer to assist with others.

Edit this page as your project progresses. We'll review these items at the regular meetings.

Immediate items (being tackled at Potlock)

Project Next action Supplies needed? who?
Water supply leak in front bathroom done done Laurel/Karen 
Exit sign Hang sign
Pneumatics Mount orange hose-reel and plumb it up.
Insulation in loft above big bathroom done done Paul K / Dustin
Bathroom Light done done Dustin and who?
E-room lights
Purchase ballasts (Potlock - Volunteer Needed)
Fire extinguishers Have new extinguishers delivered and existing ones inspected
Emergency Exit paths clear and mark paths
Ross (Potlock)
More giant-tall shelving Almost done!
buncha lumber
Bill P, Laurie, who else?
Multizone audio Hang speakers, wire up Muzak amps in Progress

Russ is working On/Shop done
Power strips for whiteboard room Two mountable power strips Paul K
Workbenches in FIRST area done done (Potlock - Dustin)
Hang lights over FIRST area almost done! long cord for fixture, need lamps
Strip LEDs in e-room alcoves Done reflectors, AC parts Russ/Nick Completed
hang Red Green done done (Potlock - Everyone!)
Curtains Measure for material purchase
Jaime (Potlock - Need Volunteer)
Safety Signage Mount signs according to SignDevelopment
Ross (right, Ross?) and Paul K
Insurance documentation done Aaron
Seal exhaust fan openings Almost done! furring strips, etc Paul K
Weatherstrip windows Plastic and furring strips and foam
Paul K
Paper towel holders mount everywhere get a dozen or so
Outlets Test all outlets' retention force, replace if necessary box o' standard outlets?
Network Finish connecting network to front office. Couplers for short lines above office. NateW

Soon Items (to be pursued ASAP)

Project Next action Supplies needed? who?
Pink Bathroom Plumbing Minor shower leak still needs attention
Security Alarm mount and wire sensors
Eric + Russ
Security Video mount and wire cameras
Nate + Joe
Heating Get a furnace / talk to landlord
Fire hazards move flammable liquids into cabinet
MSDS Update find and update binder
PC stuff along West wall making good progress! More bins NateB
Welding Shield Come up with something
Nick & Ted
Electronics store Put together order on Electronics Room
NateB and Ted
Vending machine light trace logo onto glass, hook up EL wire

DesignJet Clean encoder strip, perform alignment HP Polyester film NateB
Soap dispenser in back bathroom Find dealer that carries Kresto Select

Doorbell Oops, our keypad doesn't do that. Regular doorbell button NateB (Potlock - Need Volunteer)
Mount the TV Determine location Purchase bracket material  ?
Update website static pages

Decorate vending machine airbrush?
User:Ashe, Ross
Sign proposal write something up and submit to the city

Craft-room bench cushion Measure and acquire material
Craft-room table painting

Outdoor lighting Mount motion sensitive light with manual override near entrances
Garage door bottom seal
Quikrete, possibly strip seal
Mount powerstrips over e-benches
Channel nuts and hardware
Theater light mounts Wire, and safely secure mounting pole, chain lights. chain, stronger beam clamps?  ?
Theater light wiring Install high-temp cord in remainder of lights

Someday Items (wishlist)

Project Next action Supplies needed? who?
Kitchen Improvement plan

Case for projector Because the blue bag is just silly.

Finish walling whiteboard room Reconfigure existing walls
Beautification / personification

Winterized classroom

Level floor enough to permit a Roomba in back clear and clean areas in need obtain leveling compound