Push the blue one

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Ah, now we're getting somewhere! You press the glowing blue button, feeling both excited and apprehensive about what will happen next. For a moment, you think you might have heard the ticking of a pocket watch. You check your wristwatch to see if it has stopped, but then your remember that you haven't worn a watch in ten years and that it was a Casio calculator watch anyway, so the ticking probably wasn't coming from it. Gradually, it dawns on you that you feel like you're drifting in a timeless state, looking out over the infinite chord of time stretching and branching off in every direction. The endless possibilities of all history stretch before you and you are forced to realize that Tom Baker really was the best Dr. Who. You also notice that you're really not as hungry as you thought you were just a little while ago and you're a little overwhelmed by the thought of figuring where to start in the face of uncountable possibilities. A single tear forms in your left eye, but before it can fall from your face, it transforms into a beautiful swan that swims away on the smoke of an old sea captain's pipe. You're thankful that it wasn't a goose because those things really make an awful mess (though they're not as mean as swans--really, both birds suck). The face of Gene Wilder (or is it Gene Simmons?) appears before your eyes, sternly telling you that you get nothing, and then wishes you a good day.

In short, nothing happens.

Do you

Push the blue button again

Go back to the real world