Red Bull Creation 2013

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The Game Board provided for the Red Bull Creation 2013 qualifier has the following major parts BOM. 1. 9R030 AA 02 D106 [30V N-Channel logic level MOSFET] 2. PIC24FJ64GA002 (1xDMX 0x54 and 1xADDR 0x53)) 3. PCA9685PW [I2C PWM LED controller] 4. PIC16F1827 (RGB 0x51 and 0x52) 5. 24LC512 (EEPROM 0x50) 6. ADT7410 TRZ (TEMP 0x48) 7. PA9512B [I2C Buffer] 8. Ti YE04 2BK AYGZ [4-bit bidirectional voltage level translator] 9. KXTI9 2073F (ACCL 0x0F) 10. VN12 28M AH2F [3.3V RS485 transceiver SN75HVD12] 11. CTS23CB3 8M0000 [8MHz Crystal] 12. APE1 (DAC 0x62) [12-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter with EEPROM Memory] 13. 1086 33 6K0DL031 [1.5A Low Dropout Voltage Regulator]