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Router Table

It is most often used as a support for Routing Wood, Includes storage for bits and additional routers

Basic Info

  • Ownership: i3
  • Location: In the wood shop
  • What it looks like:
Router table with storage

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Rockler Table and Stand, Ryobi R160 1/4 Router owner i3, Router Dewalt Owner Greg Smith
  • Part Number:



  • Please wear safety glasses! and hearing protection
  • Unplug Router when changing or adjusting bits
  • Remove, clean, and return router bits to storage drawers when finished
  • Clean wood chips and dust from floor and router table
  • If fence was remove, replace it on the table


After selecting the router bit, inspect the bit for damage from previous use, dullness, chips or resin build up.

Check bearing guides and bit shank to make sure it is clean and brits. do not use any bits with burrs on it as it will result in an inaccurate cut and may cause vibration. Do not over tighten the collet.

Use only the provided wrenches, do not use pliers, channel locks or adjustable wrenches to tighten or loosen collets. Shank length, insert at least 3/4 of the shank into the collet, but do not allow the shank to bottom out. Maintain a bottom gap of about 1/8 inch.

  • Do not over-tighten collet nuts

Authorized Users and Trainers

No equipment access set up. See User:pajamapuma or Equipment Access Project for help.

Other References

Please look over Cutter and Collet Care booklet media:Router_Care.pdf


  • Clean Collets prior to using
  • Ball Bearing guides should be kept clean and free to rotate
  • Clean resing buildup on router bits with cleaning solvent

Things that Need to be Done