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The Amatuer Radio Special Interest Group is largerly a way of collecting the radio knowledge and expeirence of our diverse membership. We will also organize and document projects on this page so that members and the public can stay informed.

Updates Coming soon...

Radio Station

People have been discussing setting up a permanent Radio Station at i3 detroit. Band and power have been discussed lightly at this moment I am not certain if any desicisions have been made.

A permanent station / repeater may support features such as:

* Continuous Wave comm.
* Phantastic 5uper a w e s o m e n e s s 

This is being written by an unlicensed noob, so please take a moment and add interesting ideas and comments.

HAM Index

List yourself, so people may come to know

Name/Nick Call Sign Wiki User License Experience / Description
Cool Dude Z0COOL not yet a member EXTRA Radio phreak extrodrinare
Justin Triplett ###### jtrip none unlicensed lurker, Community Supporter