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Special Interest Group - Kiln

SIG Kiln is dedicated to all the uses of the Kiln and the Kiln Zone.

It includes a list of members of SIG Kiln, Warden's Log, Supervisor/Master tests and ratings, KilnZone Rules and general questions among the group. If you are using or interested in future use of the KilnZone, please add your name to the list and check back from time to time.

SIG Kiln Members

Terry W. - Warden - Trainer

Marie-Therese Enga

Warden's Log

5/7/13 - Kiln 1 with the Programmable Controller is operational.

3/4/13 - Kiln 1 is Operational. We have Safety and Use Rules for Kiln 1 in the SIG Kiln page on the wiki. Most of the Programmable Controller is finished. The Relay Box is completely done. The Temp Probe Mounting is almost done. Roger is working-on/testing Arduino. When the Arduino is ready, the Controller is done. Note: Kiln 1 does NOT have a KilnSitter, and as such can not use Pyro Cones. Also, I as Warden ask that you don't run the Kilns without becoming a Supervisor. That is simply done. It is only a quick familiarization with the controls and Rules, including Safety. Contact me to get cert'd. As members join/start to use the Kilns we will post who is knowledgeable in the various Kiln Arts so you can use them as a resource.

3/2/13 - Kiln 1 is Operational. Roger and I are working on a programmable controller usable by either Kiln. John has offered i3 a contribution of another Kiln, Kiln 2. Kiln 2 is for ceramics and has maxtemp of 2300F, whereas Kiln1 has a maxtemp of 1800F. The plan is to get the controller operational first, then get in Kiln 2 and use/store both kilns for at least 6 months and then make a decision if we will streamline to a single kiln.

Supervisor/Master System

The KilnZone will be using a S/M system for use of the Kiln. Ratings are given by the Warden after review. Definitions are as follows.

Supervisor - Member knows how to operate the KilnZone safely and knows the rules. Supervisor can teach a newbie to be a Supervisor.

Master - Supervisor PLUS high level of skill in one or more of the Kiln arts. Masters can teach skills.

KilnZone Rules

1) I3 KilnZone training is required to operate KilnZone equipment.

2) When not firing, all private materials and components need to be removed to member's storage. The metal rack is for PUBLIC materials only.

3) Only use normal KilnWash for PUBLIC surfaces. No Boron Nitride.

4) Clean or apply KilnWash or Boron Nitride OUTSIDE. No Exceptions. ALWAYS use a mask. There is a KilnZone mask in the box of Kilnzone Tools.

5) When using glass powder and other materials of 200 Micron or less, use a mask. And don't work near other people.

6) Do Not open a working Kiln unless you are the current user or there is an emergency.

6) If you are using a Kiln and need to leave the building, Make sure Your name and cell # is on the KILN IN USE Whiteboard and the Kiln In Use Side is outward.

7) Do not put cardboard or paper in the cage. Plastic is OK if more than 18" from the Kiln.



1) If needed call 911.

2) If possible and effective, turn off Programmable Controller with green switch.

3) Else, if possible turn OFF Kiln 1 by turning all 3 knobs on Kiln 1 to ZERO. You should hear a click and see the red light go out.

3) To contain fire, if necessary, use the fire extinguisher located at KilnZone.

4) Call current user at the cell number located on the clip board on the gate of the KilnZone.

SIG Kiln Events


Member Questions

Post your questions to the group here:

Q: To the group, please comment on the Rules.

Q: Marie, what types of projects do you want to do with the Kiln?