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SIG Newbies

This is a rolling list of the Freshmen of i3 (members of less than 12 months).

The very FIRST step as a SIG Newbie is to edit this Wiki and add your name.

To ask a member, send her or him an email. To find email addresses of your fellow members, use the CRM list.

If you can't get into the CRM, post on the Google Group PRIVATE Members only discussion group - i3 Detroit.

If you can't get into Google Group Private Members group, post on the public Google Group for i3 - i3 Detroit Public. Someone will get you going.

Make sure you can:

1) Post in the private Google Group. 2) Edit this wiki. 3) Log into the CRM.

Also, take a look at the New Member FAQ.


W. Scott Richardson (ZurielSeven) - joined August, 2012.

Terry W. - joined Nov, 2012.

Marie E. - joined Feb, 2012.

Greg Smith - Joined July 2012

Jeff Bannow - Joined February 2013

Paul F. - joined Feb 2013

Mary Winkler - Joined March 2013

List of Skills

Put the skills you have, either from i3 training or Real Life, with your name so others can contact you for help. In i3 language an "Apprentice" can use a specialized piece of equipment without supervision and can teach another to achieve Apprentice/Teacher rank.

Terry W - Teacher on Laser Cutter and Kiln


Put your Stupid Question Here and other SIG Newbies will answer it. If you ask a REALLY USEFUL stupid question, let's add it to the FAQ.

Q: Are you as amazed at the amount of equipment here as I am? How do we do it from the $ amount of the dues?

Who do I have to talk to about storage space? All the spots that say vacant are scary high or not actually vacant.