SawStop Table Saw

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SawStop Table Saw
[[Image:SawStop Table Saw photo

Trained Users

  • Training Required to Use this Tool
  • Greg Smith - Warden
  • Dave Scholl - Warden|175px| ]]
Name SawStop Table Saw
Owner i3 Detroit
Make Model SawStop PCS31230-TPG236 10" Professional Cabinet Saw
Part Number S/N P131230787 Service Date 6-12-2013
Date Acquired
Storage Location This table saw is located in the Wood Shop
Authorization Required
Documentation * Owners Manual
Other References * SawStop table saw consumables are on this list: Wood Shop Consumables


For sawing wood.

  • Training Required to Use this Tool


  • Training Required
  • Ripping kiln dried wood, cross cutting panels.
  • Do not cut metals, conductive materials, green wood, wet wood. If in doubt contact a Woodshop Warden.
  • In the event of a safety trip i3 will cover the brake cartridge cost, the member will pay for a new Saw Blade $100 range


  • TBD

In Event of Emergency or Saw Safety Trip

  • Call 911 if you are hurt and do not move your work, we need to document any failure or accident, take pictures, call one of the wardens.

Maintenance Info

  • Keep table clean, clear and dry


  • What happens if the safety brake trips?
  • The saw comes to an abrupt stop, loud noise, and the blade lowers as part of the energy absorption mechanics.
  • Is the brake cartride or blade reusable?

No, the brake cartridge and saw blade are rendered unusable.

  • How much do the brake cartridges cost?


  • How wet is wet ?

Any wood that has been left outside exposed to the elements for an extended time. Green freshly cut wood.

  • Will this system prevent Kickback?

NO, all normal kickback precautions must be taken


  • make outfeed table, cutting fixtures and storage for saw things