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SawStop Table Saw

For sawing wood.

  • Training Required to Use this Tool

Basic Info

  • Ownership: i3 Detroit
  • Location: This table saw is located in the Wood Shop
  • What it looks like:

SawStop Table Saw photo

Trained Users

  • Training Required to Use this Tool
  • Greg Smith - Warden
  • Dave Scholl - Warden

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: SawStop PCS31230-TPG236 10" Professional Cabinet Saw
  • Part Number: S/N P131230787 Service Date 6-12-2013



  • Training Required
  • Ripping kiln dried wood, cross cutting panels.
  • Do not cut metals, conductive materials, green wood, wet wood. If in doubt contact a Woodshop Warden.
  • In the event of a safety trip i3 will cover the brake cartridge cost, the member will pay for a new Saw Blade $100 range


  • TBD

In Event of Emergency or Saw Safety Trip

  • Call 911 if you are hurt and do not move your work, we need to document any failure or accident, take pictures, call one of the wardens.

Authorized Users and Trainers

Certified Trainers

Trainer NameCertified Date
Dave Scholl28 May 2013
Greg Smith28 May 2013
Konrad Brown6 January 2015

Authorized Users

User NameTrained ByTrained Date
Brandon BillerKonrad Brown6 January 2015
Cameron GeraldsDave Scholl16 December 2014
Charlie RysengaGreg Smith6 January 2015
Charlie RysengaGreg Smith12 December 2014
Chris OrthGreg Smith15 January 2015
Cody BarzDave Scholl16 December 2014
David HenryDave Scholl7 November 2014
Duran MapsonGreg Smith5 November 2014
Joseph BaumanDave Scholl21 November 2014
Keegan KuvachDave Scholl11 October 2014
Kirsten SchaeferDave Scholl25 November 2014
Mark AmentGreg Smith1 June 2014
Nate WGreg Smith29 October 2014
ShadowDave Scholl6 January 2015
Simon HurstGreg Smith26 October 2014
Steve MarlowGreg Smith29 October 2014
Tyler MarlowGreg Smith29 October 2014

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Edit SawStop Access Here

Other References


  • Keep table clean, clear and dry

Things that Need to be Done

  • make outfeed table, cutting fixtures and storage for saw things


What happens if the safety brake trips?

The saw comes to an abrupt stop, loud noise, and the blade lowers as part of the energy absorption mechanics.

Is the brake cartride or blade reusable?

No, the brake cartridge and saw blade are rendered unusable.

How much do the brake cartridges cost?


How wet is wet ?

Any wood that has been left outside exposed to the elements for an extended time. Green freshly cut wood.

Will this system prevent Kickback?

NO, all normal kickback precautions must be taken