SawStop Table Saw

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SawStop Table Saw
"File:sawstoptablesaw.jpg|SawStop Table Saw photo]]

Trained Users

  • Training Required to Use this Tool
  • Greg Smith - Warden
  • Dave Scholl - Warden" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki. [[Image:SawStop Table Saw photo

Trained Users

  • Training Required to Use this Tool
  • Greg Smith - Warden
  • Dave Scholl - Warden|175px| ]]
Name SawStop Table Saw
Owner i3 Detroit
Make Model SawStop PCS31230-TPG236 10" Professional Cabinet Saw
Part Number S/N P131230787 Service Date 6-12-2013
Date Acquired
Storage Location This table saw is located in the Wood Shop
Authorization Required
Documentation * Owners Manual
Other References * SawStop table saw consumables are on this list: Wood Shop Consumables


For sawing wood.

  • Training Required to Use this Tool


  • Training Required
  • Ripping kiln dried wood, cross cutting panels.
  • Do not cut metals, conductive materials, anything with carbon such as laser cut or engraved traces, green wood, wet wood. If in doubt contact a Woodshop Warden.
  • In the event of a safety trip i3 will cover the brake cartridge cost, the member will pay for a new Saw Blade $100 range
  • Either the saw safety guard or riving knife must always be used. Never make a cut with out this protection.
  • If using the riving knife, please remove it when you are done and reinstall the full blade guard.
  • After use if using an alternative blade (plywood) replace it with the Combination blade.
  • After use return the blade to its normal position "vertical"
  • The saw must be off and unplugged when changing the blade guard or riving knife and when making any internal adjustments
  • do not set water or drink containers on the cast iron table
  • Please use the dust collector when sawing


  • Check the condition and location of the blade to assure it is correct for your cut, make sure the blade is clear.
  • To start the saw, first make sure the Start/Stop paddle is in the “OFF” position (i.e., pushed in) and then turn the main power switch to the “ON” position by flipping the toggle upward.
  • The saw control switch ( will start with green and blinking red) after which it will show a steady green light and red off indicating it is ok to start the motor.
  • To start the motor pull the start/stop paddle out. To stop the motor push the start/stop paddle in. The paddle is designed so that it can be pushed in by the operator's leg or knee in an emergency.
  • It is not necessary to turn off the main power switch after pushing in the Start/Stop paddle to turn off the motor. If you plan to make several cuts with the saw, you can leave the main power switch in the ON position between cuts to eliminate the delay due to the initialization routine. Once you have finished using the saw, turn the main power switch to OFF to reduce the likelihood of inadvertent start-up.

Sawing off Book Bindings

  • Although it can be done, it is not recommended. Book bindings often contain glue can heat up and mix with the shredded paper. This mix sticks to the other parts of the machine. Later on, other particles can attach and cause a malfunction.
  • After sawing, the mix of glue/paper must be carefully removed from all parts of the machine using a tool that won’t scratch any part of the machine, such as a thin piece of wood along with a soft brush. Make sure that both the internal and external parts of the machine where the saw dust may have gone are inspected and cleaned as needed.
  • When in doubt, ask the zone warden!

In Event of Emergency or Saw Safety Trip

  • Call 911 if you are hurt and do not move your work, we need to document any failure or accident, take pictures, call one of the wardens.

Maintenance Info

  • Keep table clean, clear and dry


What happens if the safety brake trips?

The saw comes to an abrupt stop, loud noise, and the blade lowers as part of the energy absorption mechanics.

Is the brake cartride or blade reusable?

No, the brake cartridge and saw blade are rendered unusable.

How much do the brake cartridges cost?


How wet is wet ?

Any wood that has been left outside exposed to the elements for an extended time. Green freshly cut wood.

Will this system prevent Kickback?

NO, all normal kickback precautions must be taken


  • make cutting fixtures and storage for saw things