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The space would benefit greatly from new signage. Signs will be hung in each specific zone listed below and beside certain special tools in the shop. Please add to and edit this page, especially if you are a zone warden or tool owner.

Signs by zone will call out which major tools are owned by whom and provide relevant follow-up information for curious learners. Signs by zone will also indicate who the appointed Zone Warden is. Links to the wiki and other web resources are highly encouraged!

Signs by the special tools should call out: the tool's owner; where documentation and/or learning material may be found; usage criteria (as these special tools are EXPENSIVE, only certified/approved users should be using them); and wiki page / relevant links.

If you are a zone warden or tool owner, please update this page!

If you have specific questions about the sign posting initiative, follow up with Ross Smith or Paul Kerchen - or just check out the members-only Google Group.

--Ross Smith 2010-09-30

It's probably worth noting that we're only looking for content here--Ross and I will make the actual, physical signs.

--Paul Kerchen 2010-09-30

Zone Signs

Electronics Room

Zone Warden: Nate Bezanson
Major Tool / Owner list:

Electronics Store

Zone Warden: Nate Bezanson

Chem Lab

Zone Warden: Ted Hansen
Major Tool / Owner list:

  • Digital Scale

Craft Room

Zone Warden: Jaime Wolfe
Major Tool / Owner list:

Tool Crib

Zone Warden: ??
Major Tool / Owner list:

Welding Rack

Zone Warden: [open]
Major Tool / Owner list:


Zone Warden: Nick Britsky

Tool Owner Picture Add'l Info
Rockwell Drill Press Nick Britsky RockwellDrillPress.jpg
Rigid Miter Box Russ Wolfe RigidMiterBox.jpg
Rockler Router Table w/ Craftsman Router Nick Britsky GenericRouterTable.jpg
Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor 25% Nick, 25% Russ, 25% Brad, 25% Phil IRAirCompressor.jpg
Bench Belt Sander Nick Britsky BenchBeltSander.jpg
Ryobi Drill Press Nick Britsky RyobiDrillPress.jpg
Delta Jointer Nick Britsky DeltaJointer.jpg
Grizzly Wood Band Saw Nick Britsky GrizzlyWoodBandSaw.jpg
Lincoln Metal Band Saw Nick Britsky LincolnMetalBandSaw.jpg
MHC Shear Brake and Roll Nick Britsky MHCShearBrakeRoll.jpg
Sears 3/4 HP Bench Grinder Nick Britsky SearsBenchGrinder.jpg
20 Ton Press Nick Britsky 20TonPress.jpg
Cincinnati Buffing Wheel Nick Britsky CinciBuffingWheel.jpg
Sherline 5400 Mill Ed Platt SherlineMill.jpg
Central Machinery Mini-lathe Benjamin Graham CentralMiniLathe.jpg
Arboga Maskiner Drill Press Nick Britsky ArbogaMaskinerDrillPress.jpg
Hitachi Table Saw Russ Wolfe HitachiTableSaw.jpg
Delta Unisaw Nick Britsky DeltaTiltingArborSaw.jpg
Delta ShopMaster Band Saw Nick Britsky DeltaShopMasterBandSaw.jpg
Delta Portable Planer Nick Britsky DeltaPortablePlaner.jpg
Topline Bench Oscillation Sander Nick Britsky ToplineBenchOscillationSander.jpg

Tool Signs

Acer 1440G Lathe

Owner: 75% Nate B, 10% Trevor, 15% Brad (??)

Bridgeport Mill

Owner: Nick Britsky


Owner: Nate Bezanson
Documentation: In the vertical pouch-thingy inside the basket, will also upload some. ##FIXME##
Certification: Optional 10-minute training session with Nate. Anyone who thinks they can figure it out is welcome to try; please RTFM first, and leave with switch off and charger plugged in when done.




Owner: Ted Hansen