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NOTE 1: This page is TEMPORARY. Please feel free to delete after three months of inactivity.

NOTE 2: I should have called this the Mentorship committee page. The phrase 'signup' was on my mind. Sorry for the confusion.

Mentorship Committee

Working group for adding mentors to the signup process

What's On This Page

During a strategy meeting on Sunday 27 December 2013, a group of us identified the need for a mentoring system. (The mentor helps ease a new member's transition into I3.)

Current members of the group are:

  • Matt Ohrlein
  • Maddie Winans
  • Matt Arnold
  • Roger Slykhouse
  • Jody Raiford
  • Kevin Flory

This page is the clearinghouse for all things mentorial--in particular, draft documentation related to mentors.


  • Produce draft documents: Job descriptions for mentor and "signer-up". (It's in quotes because I can't think of a better name. This is the person who does all the initial paperwork and coordinates the noobie's walkthrough. Name suggestions welcome!)
    • Kevin Flory, in process
  • Product draft document: A clear writeup of the signup procedure, setting forth both how it exists at the current time and our proposed change (the mentor).
    • Kevin Flory, in process

Existing Documentation Related To Signup