Singer E99670

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Singer E99670
Name Singer E99670 Sewing Machine
Owner Unknown Owner
Make Model Singer E99670 Sewing Machine
Part Number [[EquipNumber::Serial number 1507 ZHC624605060
The Singer's identification plate, showing the serial number.
Date Acquired
Storage Location Craft Room, W. Wall
Authorization Required
Documentation No documentation link at present.
Other References There is no known documentation, nor other reference information, available for the Singer.
CraftRoomInventory SingerSewingMachine FrontView Large.jpg
CraftRoomInventory SingerSewingMachine TopView Medium.jpg


It's white. With star stickers on it.


There are no known rules concerning use of the Singer.


There are no known instructions for use of the Singer.

Maintenance Info

There are sewing machine needles in the sewing kits referenced in the Craft Room inventory; however, I'm uncertain precisely which of these fit the Singer. Nor am I certain how they would be inserted into the machine even if they are the correct needles.


No FAQs.


Someone who knows how to use the Singer should update this page with instructions, or at least a more accurate and useful description.