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Metal Mart USA [1]
Located at 13mile & Dequindre. Sells all kinds of metal stock in small quantities. Even open on Saturdays.
Motion Industries [2]
Loads of mechanical components, in stock. Several locations around town.

Armstrong Mill Works [3]
Located in Highland, MI. Sells domestic and imported hardwood in board feet. Open Saturday Mornings.
Aco Hardware [4]
Across the street from I3 Royal Oak - good selection of bolts and other fasteners
ASAP Source [5]
Located in Ann Arbor, a source for metal & plastic stock.


Digi-Key [6]
95% of the electronic components you need.
Mouser Electronics [7]
Another electronics store.
Spark Fun Electronics [8]
Yet another electronics store.
Good for male/female adapters and plugs (iphone/ ipod).
Marlin P. Jones & Assoc, Inc. [9]
Electronics and tool shop. Cheap and decent quality computer and electronics.
Good soldering equipment.
All Electronics Corporation [10]
Discount and surplus electronics, parts, accessories
Known for having strange and odd items in stock
Electronic Goldmine [11]
Similar to All Electronics
Also has cheap grab-bag boxes of parts for stocking the junkbox