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Metal Mart USA [1]
Located at 13mile & Dequindre. Sells all kinds of metal stock in small quantities. Even open on Saturdays, very hobbyist friendly.
Motion Industries [2]
Loads of mechanical components, in stock. Several locations around town.
Armstrong Mill Works [3]
Located in Highland, MI. Sells domestic and imported hardwood in board feet. Open Saturday Mornings.
Aco Hardware [4]
Across the street from I3 Royal Oak - good selection of bolts and other fasteners
Frentz & Sons Hardware [5]
1010 North Main Street, Royal Oak (about 5 minutes by car). A real hardware store, with metal stock, bins of everything, and staff who know their stuff.
ASAP Source [6]
Located in Ann Arbor, a source for metal & plastic stock.
Alba Plastics [7]
30029 John R, Madison Heights. Sheet plastic, bent and formed into all sorts of neat stuff. (Display cases, bulk food bins, etc.) Also sells full sheets if you ask. Surprisingly good website for a local place.
Matzka Pneumatics & Hydraulics [8]
A candy store for moving fluids, from vacuum to 10,000psi. 10 mile & Mound.


Digi-Key [9]
95% of the electronic components you need.
Mouser Electronics [10]
Another electronics store.
Spark Fun Electronics [11]
Yet another electronics store.
Good for male/female adapters and plugs (iphone/ ipod).
Marlin P. Jones & Assoc, Inc. [12]
Electronics and tool shop. Cheap and decent quality computer and electronics.
Good soldering equipment.
Jameco Electronics [13]
Electronics parts, some robotics parts.
Good source for hard to find "older" electronics parts, esp small EPROMS.
All Electronics Corporation [14]
Discount and surplus electronics, parts, accessories
Known for having strange and odd items in stock
Electronic Goldmine [15]
Similar to All Electronics
Also has cheap grab-bag boxes of parts for stocking the junkbox
FutureLec [16]
Lots of fun parts, alcohol sensors, random bits
Small Parts, Inc [17]
The hardware store for R&D, not just miniature hardware, but also lots of nylon, teflon, etc.