Standing rules

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new member mentor, tree of referrals, seniority

it is the responsibility of the existing members to find mentors for new members, not the responsibility of the new member.

suspension on delinquency rather than expulsion (less paperwork) --> amendment?


guest policy? member inviting guest in is responsible for signed form


access and use of space (keys/codes)

guidelines for asking someone to leave, who to call. Way to suspend access immediately?


tool ownership markings

way to lease equipment to space? --> talk:bylaws:amendments


responsibilities, tools, osha

fundraising proceeds?

shirt of shame?

intellectual property disclosure for courtesy, as per phil

no sleeping/ living in the space. (naping for a little is ok)

must keep proper hygiene, (smell your pits and body before heading off to the space)

don't be a douche' bag be nice to all who enter the space