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"Life is very short, and there's no time
 For fussing and fighting, my friend." 
  -- the beatles

These are binding rules that apply to all members and guests of i3 Detroit. They were formally adopted at a regular member meeting on: TBD


Safety is the responsibility of every member and guest.

All members and guests are required to use appropriate personal protective equipment.

It is the the responsibility of every member and guest to understand the safe use of any tool or equipment before using it.

Members must not allow unsafe practices by any guest.



Any member may have a single guest in the space. Two members may host an unlimited number of guests. In all cases, the member(s) are responsible for:

  • Verifying that each guest has a signed waiver on file before they're allowed entry.
  • Signing the log with each guest
  • Making sure guests understand the guidelines under which we operate
  • Ultimately, cleaning up after guests if they fail to do it themselves


All members are responsible for maintaining the security of our access credentials (keycard/fob and PIN). If you suspect that your card has been copied or PIN has been disclosed, please see the secretary about replacing or changing it.

Intentionally sharing or loaning your keycard to a nonmember is grounds for revocation thereof.

A member or guest who behaves inappropriately (including but not limited to violation of these rules or the bylaws) may be asked to leave by another member. In case of a dispute in the matter, any board member may mediate.


Treat tools as if they were your own, or somewhat better than that. If you break something, please don't hide it! Fessing up sucks, but discovering hidden damage later sucks more.

Follow the usage guidelines set out by the owner of each tool. Some tools require permission or training before use, to be determined by the owner.

Put tools back where they belong. This may be indicated on the tool. When in doubt, ask. Don't put tools away dirty.

Don't remove anything, including tools, from the space without explicit permission from the owner.


fundraising proceeds?

shirt of shame?

intellectual property disclosure for courtesy, as per phil

no sleeping/ living in the space. (napping for a little is ok)

must keep proper hygiene, (smell your pits and body before heading off to the space)

Be excellent to each other.