Strip Heater

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Strip Heater
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Name 21" Strip Heater
Owner [[EquipOwner::Paul Kerchen (100%)]]
Make Model [[EquipModel::13-160, sold by Delvie's Plastics (strip heaters).]]
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location [[EquipLocation::In the CNC area below the DIYLILCNC.]]
Authorization Required
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A simple device that allows you to take a sheet of clear or colored acrylic sheet, up to 3/8" in thickness and bend along the heated line. Ideal for making boxes without glue seams, picture frames, menu holders, etc.


Use common sense. Replace dust cover once it's cooled before putting it away.


Heat plastic until pliable; bend. See this video for a tutorial on bending plastics with heat.

Maintenance Info

There is no routine maintenance required. Store it with the dust cover in place to keep debris from ending up on the heating element.