TIG Water Cooler

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What it is

  • A device to pump cooling liquid through the TIG Welder torch, and to remove waste heat via a fan and radiator.

Who's working on it

  • Jody
  • Justin
  • Jason
  • Andrew

What needs to be done

  • General cleaning
  • Repair or replace motor (see parts list below)
  • Attach new power cord
  • New hoses
  • Hose parts to screw into welder
  • Research and purchase appropriate water cooled torch and lines (starter link)
  • Upload pictures of tool to Wiki (Currently available on G+ at this link)

Parts list

  • Motor - 1/4hp, 115/230v, 1725rpm - Currently not turning when power is applied, being investigated
  • Radiator - mounted to base - Type? Dimensions? Sound?
  • Fan - Attaches to motor via spindle and 5/32 hex setscrew
  • Base/reservoir - Dimensions? Sound?
  • Hoses - ?
  • Cover - attached with 6 sheet metal flathead/hex bolts-and-nuts,
  • Cord - Standard grounded plug - old one frayed and cut, replacement needed.

Motor Disassembly

  • Motor currently partly disassembled
    • Fan Removed
    • Mount removed (4 long bolts through casing)

Interesting Links

  • Research and purchase appropriate water cooled torch and lines (starter link)
  • Proper set up guide
    • Of note: "If you have an older TIG welding machine, do not use the solenoid in the power supply to control water flow. This can cause a pressure surge in the torch, and unnecessary wear and heat in the coolant pump. The solenoid should only be used when connecting to a city water supply."
    • Use Distilled Water
    • DO NOT Use Automotive Anti-Freeze
    • DO Use a Coolant for Water Coolers