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Is the talk page a good place for pinouts and other random data? It is until someone says otherwise!

Avago/HP HEDS-7501 pinout

These rotary encoders came from an Abekas A84 video editing system that I found at an E-waste recycler. Amazing, beautiful piece of technology, which I could barely bring myself to strip for parts. But the industry marches on, the A84 is well and truly obsolete, and it was a treasure trove of encoders, displays, and discrete logic chips.

Pinout: 10-position 2x5 0.100" header top view. Seems happy with 5v for Vcc. Outputs are open-collector, and sink at least enough current to light an LED, not tested further.

A-phase output 1 2 NC
Ground 3 4 NC
NC 5 6 Ground
Vcc 7 8 B-phase output
Vcc 9 10 Vcc