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  • Include section amendment
  • What you would like to see
  • Questions & Comments regarding Bylaws

  • art.2 sect.7 strike "except for the right to one (1) vegan chocolate chip cookie..." nothing beats a cookie with real butter.
  • art.3 sect.2 replace "Valentine's Day" with feb 14th for clarity.
  • art.2 sect.4 clarify review of dues. It "shall be reviewed" at the annual meeting, can it be reviewed at other times? It can be changed at any meeting so evidently so. So why force it at the annual meeting? Also, signed by more than 3/4ths of a 4-member board of directors means it has to be unanimous. Was that the intent? Also, waiver by "voting members" at a meeting, but how many?
  • Strike all references to "MIBS" and rename position "Secretary".
  • art.2 sect.6 is complicated and excessively detailed.
  • art.2 sect.7 why even have non-voting members, what purpose does this serve?
  • art.3 sect.1 who is the Office of Personnel Management? Replace with title of position.
  • art.3 sect.1 should these things happen more often while we're fledgling?
  • art.3 sect.3-4, what's a special meeting for? And "all voting members are personally notified"? every single one? So one inaccessible member can prevent a meeting..
  • art.4 sect.1 strike all wacky titles
  • art.5 sect.1 clarify term of service
  • art.5 sect.2 provide for closed meeting, should attorney-client privilege or other situation require it.
  • art.5 sect.3 "by a random process"? Also, strike silly dance.
  • art.6 what's a committee for? Also, "otherwise" is confusing.


We should include the procedure for making amendments to the bylaws. I think any member should be able to propose an amendment, and it should have to pass separate votes by the members and the directors (not sure what percents or in which order).