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How to create a ToolPage:

Include the Equipment Template like so:


| Name = Name of the tool goes here

| Owner = Owner's Name(s) goes here, including percentage

| StorageLocation = Tell people where to find it, and where to put it away.

| MakeModel = Acme CNC Yak Shaver - Model 5000 deluxe

| PartNumber = 

| Documents = Link(s) to on-line documentation

| LooksLike = Link(s) to picture(s) of it

| Rules =

Put the rules that govern the use of this tool here.
* You can use any wiki formatting that you wish:
* Like a bulleted list

| LooksLike =

An image like [[File:Example.jpg]]

| Instructions =

You can write the instructions here. Or maybe add a link
to another page or the user's manual.

| MaintenanceInfo =

Does this thing need it's oil changed every 30 cycles?
People need to know!