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P&H Tig Welder

Basic Info

  • Owner: Nate1
  • Location: Welding Area, against the wall.

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: P&H Tig Welder
  • Part Number:



Instructions for use follow:

  • Turn on the Argon Gas bottle at the wall rack. Remember that the seal system for inert gas only completely seals the stem at full closed and full open. Turn the knob in the desired direction until it stops. When the TIG machine is turned on, you can adjust the argon flow (watch the red ball in the vertical glass tube).
  • Check the power switch on the junction box on the wall. Is it turned on?

Quirks of the I3 P&H TIG machine.

  • Sometimes the foot pedal sticks just enough to turn on the solenoid. This is very bad, particularly if you are using an old style welders shield. Its too easy to flash your eyes in error. Best action, is to ensure foot pedal is at top of stroke before you turn on the machine.
  • Argon use. The machine flows argon gas whenever the machine is turned on. Argon gas is expensive. This means turn off the machine when you have finished your weld, and don’t turn it on again until just before you are ready to run your next bead.

Machine settings: What material are you welding?

  • Steel? If you are using steel, set the Polarity Selector Switch (large three position switch on the right hand lower area) to the full clockwise position, Direct Current Straight Polarity (DC Electrode Negative). You should be using the red tungstens (2% Thoriated) for DC TIG welding.
  • Aluminum? If you are using aluminum, set the Polarity Selector Switch to the full counterclockwise position, Alternating Current (AC). You should be using the green tungstens (pure tungsten).for AC TIG welding.