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|Improve phone system
|Improve phone system
|Build all in one board for polycom conf phone. <br>Velcro mic's to board.  Include instructions on plugging in.
|Make vinyl for door "Push to exit"
|Make vinyl for door  
|"<== Push button to exit"
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|Prevent door from hitting gas meter, causing A FIERY BALL OF FIERY DEATH
|Prevent door from hitting gas meter, causing A FIERY BALL OF FIERY DEATH
|Mount door stop into concrete.
|Mount door stop into concrete.
|$0 - nateB has already
|Forklift repair
|Forklift repair

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Welcome to the Potlock to do list, please pick a task and put your name in the column.

Need supplies? Toss 'em on the ShoppingList and maybe somebody will check that page from their phone next time they're at the store.

Task Next Action Volunteer? Approx Cost of materials
Add new magnetic switch to grizzly bandsaw Nick B?
Move tool crib cord reel to own circuit Dave S?
remove old as furnace by front door
Move switches for all commons lights near front door
make vinyl "propaganda signs" sayings about keeping the place clean and such
Redo drip pan above server rack, and install tube to sink for drainage
Put up more shelving in power wheels area
intall seals around garage door
Seal off end of member storage to help deflect dust
mount second motor onto dust collector and wire it up
mount dust collector switches
make storage area for shop vac accessories
sweep and vaccum
get audio system up and running
mount and wire security cameras
clean up and organize fastener area
build a bench for the two sandblaster to live on
make a cart to hold the folding chairs
pull down old dust collector in metal shop and assess
mount sorenson PSU under e-lab shelf
make a bin for cargo straps and bungees
install automatic drain on air compressor
move the milo speakers to the loft
build another clamp rack identical to first one
organize forms area by front door, run off plenty of copies
install filter on large sandblaster
make sure all fire extinguishers are properly hung
separate lights and equipment circuits in metal shop
add floor sweep to dust collector
organize above window lumber storage areas
dispose of big red dust collector pipe
add cleanout dates to member storage
add longer cord to jointer
organize scrap lumber under chop saw
build rack for small lumber storage
re-wire treehouse lights to one switch
dispose of old fluorescent lights
Buy/install new fluorescent light fixtures
hang i3 sign at front door, peel off ebay part from back
pack up chem lab glassware and equipment into boxes Nick takes home
clear out hallway in office fire marshall does not like
finish carpet tiles in e room
set up phone that is in kitchen
break down and dispose of black table near graveyard
have Russ take home hitachi tablesaw
organize black metro rack by door
hang up giant picture of war machine from iron man
either re-hang or dispose of conduit chandelier
install pullchain on light fixture above welding area
install second 220 plug on other side of box for kiln
get rid of parabolic dish
break down half moon desk and send it to dumpster town.
add second cord reel above commons tables
Chain link fence cage for dust collector
add Cowl to furnaces aim into metal shop, aim at west side of shop.
Slate counter top in old chemlab Build mobile counter station
Finalize hood vent in old chemlab Finish extending vent to roof.
Bathroom Stalls Create new brackets to hold doors in locking position.
Improve phone system Build all in one board for polycom conf phone.
Velcro mic's to board. Include instructions on plugging in.
Make vinyl for door "<== Push button to exit"
Prevent door from hitting gas meter, causing A FIERY BALL OF FIERY DEATH Mount door stop into concrete. NateB $0 - nateB has already
Forklift repair Repair ignition switch