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! Approx Cost of materials
! Approx Cost of materials
| Lights
| Replace/add additional lighting. T8 fixtures.
| Replace/add additional lighting. T8 fixtures.
| Survey locations and circuits, update this page.
| $100-200
| $100-200

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Welcome to the Potlock to do list, please pick a task and put your name in the column. (any questions? contact Dustin White dustinbikes@gmail.com)

Need supplies? Toss 'em on the ShoppingList and maybe somebody will check that page from their phone next time they're at the store.

Task Next Action Volunteer? Approx Cost of materials
Replace/add additional lighting. T8 fixtures. Survey locations and circuits, update this page. $100-200
Upgrade air-compressor plumbing. Spec out components for 3/4" line between compressor and building-line. $20-30
Fix/redesign flammables cabinet latch
Display T-shirts in kitchen
Resupply all papertowel/tape/pen holders
Zoned motion office Lighting Source some ultrasonic motion detectors. $100-300
Organize Remove clutter/fire/tripping/where does this go hazards from floor and aisle ways
Metal shop cord reel has extension cord Remove, run conduit and outlet double-gang box.
Whiteboard room clutter CLEAN AND ORGANIZE!!
Welding light has extension cord Remove, run new outlet within reach of lights
light over bay Remove extension cord, run new outlet to light
Fire extinguishers Renew
Metal shop fan fix or remove
Rehang the welding curtain so it juuuust touches the ground.
Affix chainlink fence or other material around dust collector chain area
Remove extension cords from ceiling beams, tidy up the overhead situation in general
Change the oil in the air compressor
Reaffix lights to kitchen ceiling
Finish edges of e-room carpet
Build electronic crashbar for front door
Clean and sweep under graveyard area
Rearrange phone buttons so they're accurately labeled This is a firmware change, I just need to figure out which one it is. Nate W $0
Make "how to transfer calls, etc" cheatsheet for each phone Figure that out! - http://i3detroit.com/wi/images/d/da/Soundpoint_ip501_quick_user_guide.pdf $0
make vinyl "propaganda signs" sayings about keeping the place clean and such
make stencil on lasercutter sayings "SWEEP If you can't read this" spraypaint on woodshop floor
install seals around garage door
mount dust collector switches Second switch needs ran next to the chopsaw! Greg installed magnet on Saw switch may be ok G donated Magnet
sweep and vaccum Everyone - Everyday!
get audio system up and running run wire from speakers back to backboard <- Whats this mean, who do I ask? terminal strips already in e-room bin
mount and wire security cameras
install automatic drain on air compressor
Chain link fence cage for dust collector
add Cowl to furnaces aim into metal shop, aim at west side of shop.
Forklift repair Repair ignition switch
Finish forklift repair Install protection for vulnerable wiring harness, etc.?
Replace twitterbot camera
purge graveyard
manage scrap metal near welding
cyclone fence around kiln Terry W $150
assemble last set of orange shelves the ends arnt the same, either welding together or drilling and bolting Nate W
find home for injection molders  ?? - current home u no like?
find new home for paint
cleanup and revamp hardware land
fix sandblasters
build shelf on sw metal shop wall for storage of materials
rubber shroud for dust collector
have nick take home lights, juki, and jointer Juki and lights have left, Jointer is also gone
go through wood stock and dispose of unusable
install more-closely-spaced vertical dividers in wood shop sheet storage
build a workbench area for laser cutter
build 3 lockable money boxes 3 done Greg Smith 12.82
Rebuild Miter Saw Stand and Bench Saving floor Space
build tool holder for vinyl area This would be nice to vacuum form!
find a solution to have am aux jack at commons table for audio
organize cleaning cabinet
setup scanner/copier/blog station
return little busted ass laser to AHA
build cart for large power supplies
clean the hell out of craft room Complete inventory of shit, er, supplies; file plan for minor layout changes: Tues. PM (see Craft Room Inventory: 20121110) Kevin Flory Under $50
move rack into kitchen for extra pop
clean kitchen and mop office floors Wax floors later in the night after everyone is done up front
buy 3 drawer thingy for kitchen buy utensils and bowls for kitchen from dollar tree
Build wood shop machine cart All tools on Carts
Remove stored wood from machine shop loft, cull/sort stored metal
Install Casters on Wood Shop router table Admire how nice it is Greg Smith
Move Drill Press to Wood Shop Find better location in Wood Shop, NOT in front of sweep drop to dust collector.
Make "I don't know where this goes" boxes for each main area
Add dust cover to south side of freestanding member storage
Move SandBlast Station and supplies to East Wall between Welding Zone and Overhead Door Jim Kemp $0
Bolt the machine shop bench to the North wall Ted $0
Audit Door Access keys Nate W $0