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| Bike shop: Rebuild bike rack  
| Bike shop: Rebuild bike rack  
| dustin
| Shop: Redundant tools and rearrange  
| Shop: Redundant tools and rearrange  

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Can be tackled immediately:

Task Next Action Volunteer?
Rewire laser exhaust on 230v Doublecheck SSR and PSU Joe
E-room pretty lights, wire to second switch. Install outlet, extend cord.
Clean blue bins
Craft room: Establish Cricut-stuff box Find and label suitable box
Kitchen: Label cabinets with contents
Kitchen: Fridge cleanout
Launder everything launderable
Welding area: Commission P&H welder Print a copy of the manual
Bike shop: Air feed Restring hose, mount manifold/regulator Nate B
Bike shop: Rebuild bike rack dustin
Shop: Redundant tools and rearrange Identify owners of redundant tools Nick
Tool area: Archive dubiously-useful hardware Find sturdy boxes for metal thingies
Defrag member storage Assemble majority of members Everyone!
Rebuild Donation-Sucker Clean shop-vac Nate B
Sweep and vacuum your butt off
Tape off emergency exit pathways Decide what those are
Photograph everything for insurance documentation Figure out where to store photos when done
Replace bad outlets
E-room: Network jacks Test and trace existing wire Nate W
Security cameras Mount and wire Talk to Nate B
Cleaning supplies / flammables / etc Decide on scheme and implement, then label.
MSDS update Find binder!

Just need supplies:

Task Next action / need Volunteer
E-room fluorescent lights, fix flicker Note type of ballasts, and obtain replacement(s)
E-room powerstrips Obtain another wall-mountable strip with switch
Welding curtains Need a pile of sticks and string and sketches Nate B
Cover and insulate roof-fan openings Needs foam, plastic, sticks, and plan. Nate B
Tool area: Sort electrical parts Just need some boxes... Nate B
Doorbell Easy Button not weatherproof. Find a button that is.
Craft-room bench cushion  ?
Craft-room table painting  ?
Floor gouge in FIRST area Quickrete
Garage door bottom seal Quickrete
Garage door side seals Identify and obtain appripriate thingies
Safety chain for theater lights Identify appropriate type of chain or cable
Lubricate Genie column Boe-Lube solid (MSC carries it) Nate B

Need approval, concept, or otherwise not immediately doable:

Task Needs Champion
Welding area: Store scrap metal Concept Nate B / Karen?
Whiteboard room lights Find a useful plug-in PIR outlet / Wattstopper perhaps? Nate B
Multizone audio Cohesive plan, mounting location, speaker wire?
Signage Is this idea still alive? Ross
Shower leak Assess problem, identify repairs needed
Security (PIR) sensors Need something to wire 'em back to Eric M?
Vending machine light Concept, wiring diagram...
Update website static pages Concept, see i3detroit-web group Nate B
Sign proposal Dustin
Outdoor light Concept, box, conduit, permit??