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NEW TASKS, as of October 2011

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Task Next Action Volunteer? Approx Cost of materials
Replace light fixture just inside the main door procure cheapie 2-tube fixture $20?
Buy more T-8 bulbs 10+ pack? $20?
Move light switches near door Install switches by main entrance to control all overhead lights. - Leave shop separate.  ??
Clean crud out of washtub! EWWWW :(
Vinyl propaganda signs Come up with sayings "Sweep around machines, Hitler would" Nate W/Vinyl Team $0
Redo drip pan above server rack before it turns into a waterfall. Install drain tube down to washtub $10-20?
Install shelving in Power wheels area, re-purpose benches. Find more 12-14' pallet racking nate w / rocco / anyone!  ???
Garage-door concrete Raise concrete level below door higher than outside. Nate W $4
Replace ceiling fan by parts area note: new fan is on black freezer DONE?
Update MSDS binder by door
Affix laser-cutter inner lights with Dual-Lock strips Get high off 3m adhesive primer Anyone? See Nate B $0
Construct shop-vac accessories rack Gather all nozzles and design rack
Clear Genie-width path to member storage $0
remove MDF table/counters from wood shop ask Nick to take home/remove $0
Mount monitor on/near rack, for admin KVM usage $0
Consolidate adhesives/solvents/cleaners/etc and label
each location with pointers to the other
Cover roof openings, consider snow-melt drainage in your design $0
Winterization stuff (Bill putt suggested -- need more specifics) $0
add dividers to member storage shelves use tape or paint to divide the shelves into quarters
clean up FIRST area throw away junk and put all gear into bins below benches $0
sweep and vacuum your butt off everyone! $0
identify emergency exit routes and paint the lines we have floor marking paint, (update:picked up skinny rollers) $0
finish up audio system mount amplifiers in rack, mount speakers, run wire $0
mount and wire security cameras talk to Joe B or Nate B about camera mount locations ?
Make boxes to store assorted tools in tool area identify tools which need boxes $0
remove desk from whiteboard room $0
organize fastener area organize and label fasteners $0
build table for little sanblaster talk to dustin about getting the sandblaster set up $9
Reroute all e-room bench equipment power cords to go behind shelf
(empty shelf, rip half an inch off its depth, remount it, reload it)
Label all E-room gear power cords (Many already done, follow example) $0
Repair / upgrade selected 115V circuits Documentation: Breaker Panels, Theater Lights Dave S ???
seal off end of member storage shelves so that equipment can be butted against it $48
allocate two of the steel drums for aluminum and steel scrap put vinyl signage on drums $0
store unused dust collector manifold and filters in loft put filters in garbage bags $0
move 5sl printer away from print shop over to server area. $0
organize vinyl cutter area.
level rough concrete $8
make signage to identify circuit breakers $0
make a cart for folding chairs  ???
replace vents in office area ???
cut vent in electronics room and install vent cover there is a vent in wall that has been drywalled over ???
install cisco network gear into rack rocco will be bringing in a rack for this purpose rocco $0
clean up kitchen and throw out old stock of goods $0
install small shelf to place microwave in cabinet talk to dustin for direction $0
talk to Bob B about painting fridge (brown one) $0
make soda can dispensers for white refrigerator talk to dustin for direction  ???
pull down drum from metal dust collector in metal shop assess if machine is in functioning order
Mount Sorensen PSU under e-lab shelf Nate or Joe