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Welcome to the Potlock to do list, please pick a task and put your name in the column.

Need supplies? Toss 'em on the ShoppingList and maybe somebody will check that page from their phone next time they're at the store.

Task Next Action Volunteer? Approx Cost of materials
Clean and sweep under graveyard area
Reattach air hose reels to walls Make sure we have fasteners and masonry bits in appropriate sizes
Rerun air hose to front hose reel
Mount paper towel holder in each bathroom $5
Rehang air hose to welding area
Rewire all unwired e-room ethernet jacks to patch panel (see Nate B first please!) parts on-hand
Replace fluorescent ballasts in e-room Purchase 2 or 3 ballasts, 2-or-4-tube type $15/ea
Rearrange phone buttons so they're accurately labeled $0
Make "how to transfer calls, etc" cheatsheet for each phone Figure that out! $0
make vinyl "propaganda signs" sayings about keeping the place clean and such
Put up more shelving in power wheels area
install seals around garage door
mount dust collector switches
sweep and vaccum
get audio system up and running run wire from speakers back to backboard terminal strips already in e-room bin
mount and wire security cameras
install automatic drain on air compressor
install filter on large sandblaster
separate lights and equipment circuits in metal shop
organize above window lumber storage areas
add cleanout dates to member storage
organize scrap lumber under chop saw
dispose of old fluorescent lights
set up phone that is in kitchen
Chain link fence cage for dust collector
add Cowl to furnaces aim into metal shop, aim at west side of shop.
Slate counter top in old chemlab Build mobile counter station
Finalize hood vent in old chemlab Finish extending vent to roof.
Forklift repair Repair ignition switch
Box for wood shop consumables money Acquire box, install it, label it
Storage cabinet for wood shop power tool consumables Acquire cabinet, move it into place, label it