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Welcome to the Potlock to do list, please pick a task and put your name in the column.

Need supplies? Toss 'em on the ShoppingList and maybe somebody will check that page from their phone next time they're at the store.

Task Next Action Volunteer? Approx Cost of materials
Clean and sweep under graveyard area
Rearrange phone buttons so they're accurately labeled $0
Make "how to transfer calls, etc" cheatsheet for each phone Figure that out! $0
make vinyl "propaganda signs" sayings about keeping the place clean and such
install seals around garage door
mount dust collector switches
sweep and vaccum
get audio system up and running run wire from speakers back to backboard terminal strips already in e-room bin
mount and wire security cameras
install automatic drain on air compressor
organize above window lumber storage areas
organize scrap lumber under chop saw
Chain link fence cage for dust collector
add Cowl to furnaces aim into metal shop, aim at west side of shop.
Forklift repair Repair ignition switch
Replace twitterbot camera
purge graveyard
manage scrap metal near welding
cyclone fence around kilm
assemble last set of orange shelves
find home for injection molders
find new home for paint
cleanup and revamp hardware land
fix sandblasters
build shelf on sw metal shop wall for storage of materials
rubber shroud for dust collector
have nick take home lights, juki, and jointer
go through wood stock and dispose of unusable
build a workbench area for laser cutter
build 3 lockable money boxes
build tool holder for vinyl area
find a solution to have am aux jack at commons table for audio
organize cleaning cabinet
setup scanner/copier/blog station
return little busted ass laser to AHA
build cart for large power supplies
clean the hell out of craft room
move rack into kitchen for extra pop
clean kitchen and mop floor
buy 3 drawer thingy for kitchen buy untensils and bowls for kitchen from dollar tree