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Looking for ways to help around the space? Apply your talents here!

If you're not sure about the details of something here,

Periodic tasks

Task notes
Check/update all machine signs just print the first section of each machine's wiki page and stick it to the machine
check/update all zone warden signs just print the first section of each zone's wiki page and post it in the zone
purge graveyard put today's date on all undated items. Items over 90 days old go to dumpster/recycle.
clean and sweep under graveyard ideally every time the recycling goes out...
Genie preventive maintenance see NateB. Should be done every 6mo or so.
stock paper towel stations use the e-room one as an example
.. ...

Nonrecurring tasks

Task Next Action notes
Hang new Fablab wall shelves remove old brackets Be very careful to get the new standards horizontally aligned with each other!
restock powerpole parts inventory what we have (NateB task.) Also print labels for the new baggies cuz sharpie rubs off the bags
add 7-segment displays to opto section move some sensors inventory into new cabinet (NateB task.)
change hydraulic fluid in Genie obtain new fluid (cheap Dexron is fine) Would be nice to find that filter and change it at the same time...
lubricate Genie column buy some Boe-Lube spray because the stick stuff is awkward
fix forklift fluid leak find the leak... Devon has sorta volunteered?
fix forklift brakes  ?
install remaining cameras to DVR  ?
Make "how to phone" cheatsheets for phones  ? how to transfer calls, how to intercom, how to dial out...
finish installing carpet squares in electronics room do we have adhesive? trim and stuff all the edge pieces
add motion sensors to lights under treehouse identify and obtain appropriate sensors surplus wattstoppers?
add outlet for lights near welding area so they don't need an extension cord...
hang new banner over garage door cuz the one out there is kinda worn! maybe relocate it indoors somewhere?
update photos on take new photos after a cleaning spree :) updating the rest of the blurb there would be good too
label/number each plot in member storage vinyl all the things!
make wire spool dispenser for 22AWG solid "breadboard wire" like [1] to hang under the shelf above the bench
place phone by laser cutter so the operator can take and receive spacephone calls without walking away from a job in progress
fix voicemail notification threshhold so it only tells us about messages >5 seconds or something
rewrite IVR script for spacephone learn asterisk... see NateW for access