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Looking for ways to help around the space? Apply your talents here!

If you're not sure about the details of something here, post to the group and ask.

Periodic tasks

Task notes last performed
Check/update all machine signs just print the first section of each machine's wiki page and stick it to the machine 2013 november
check/update all zone warden signs just print the first section of each zone's wiki page and post it in the zone 2013 december
purge graveyard put today's date on all undated items. Items over 90 days old go to dumpster/recycle. 2014 march
clean and sweep under graveyard ideally every time the recycling goes out...
Genie preventive maintenance see NateB. Should be done every 6mo or so. 2014 january
stock paper towel stations use the e-room one as an example 2014 march
.. ... ....

Nonrecurring tasks

Task Next Action notes
Extend machine-shop north wall circuit to south-wall outlets Brian W or Nate B know the plan
Label newly-purchased safety glasses to reduce walk-off
Rebuild wooden welding shield with metal
Shuffle east-wall zones Talk to Terry for the plan (approved at board meeting)
Secure cork-board to front wall by kitchen door
Clean entry door window adhesive residue
Add weatherstripping around entry door window Perhaps just tape?
Rehang fire extinguisher in metal shop Using a concrete anchor! Suggested handle height is 30-36 inches AFF, not to exceed 50 inches.
Move fire-extinguisher signs in metal shop
Tear apart big rolly wall thing
Rehang whiteboard in fab lab
Fix drawer in metal shop Craftsman cabinet
Label acids cabinet and move acids into it Acids are now stored in the plastic tote under the men's room sink.
vinyl "i3" logo on porthole window
Clean and sweep area near gas tanks and sandblaster Make sure tanks are properly secured, thankyou!
Hang "unescorted guests" sign more securely
Clean kitchen window, replace duct tape with clear tape
Build stand for butcher-paper roll DIY or see NateB for sketch
Clean and restock first-aid kit many supplies in cabinet?
Install pulley bike hangers Inventory pulleys/rope/cleats
Return used/bad fluorescent tubes call Home Depot and make sure they take 'em
Clarify graveyard signage Specifically, 90-day MAX stay, not minimum!
hang unused fan in metal shop
Replace fluorescent ballasts in light above e-room phone
Install keeper-wire in Genie battery trays nate B task
Unclog utility sink across from Compute Zone Make a sign instructing people not to dump hazardous chemicals, or particulates
Clean the trap under the urinal, which is draining slowly (and make a "NO MOP BUCKET DUMPING HERE" sign for it? Sigh.
Build riser for low workbench in tool crib see Brian W for design?
Hang more lights in metal shop see Steve B for placement?
label/number each plot in member storage vinyl all the things! Terry W
merge Map_of_Zones into Zones and make the former a redirect
Tint [[1]] according to zone tape colors and replace graphic on Zones
Tape Outlines of Zones on the Floor
Expand cable-path down backboard add larger D-rings or more bridle rings
hardwired outlet on column near TV consult Dave S on circuit to pull from
Guest-sign-in poster near door design (flowchart?) How to waiver, meet host, sign log, etc
Make contact with local ACM and IEEE chapters
restock powerpole parts inventory what we have (NateB task.) Also print labels for the new baggies cuz sharpie rubs off the bags
change hydraulic fluid in Genie obtain new fluid (cheap Dexron is fine) Would be nice to find that filter and change it at the same time...
lubricate Genie column buy some Boe-Lube spray because the stick stuff is awkward
install remaining cameras to DVR  ?
Make "how to phone" cheatsheets for phones  ? how to transfer calls, how to intercom, how to dial out...
finish installing carpet squares in electronics room do we have adhesive? trim and stuff all the edge pieces
add motion sensors to lights under treehouse identify and obtain appropriate sensors surplus wattstoppers?
update photos on take new photos after a cleaning spree :) updating the rest of the blurb there would be good too
make wire spool dispenser for 22AWG solid "breadboard wire" like [2] to hang under the shelf above the bench
place phone by laser cutter so the operator can take and receive spacephone calls without walking away from a job in progress
fix voicemail notification threshhold so it only tells us about messages >5 seconds or something
rewrite IVR script for spacephone learn asterisk... see NateW for access
Fix Chronotune startup bug, tuning scaling math see Ted or Eric for a primer on the code
Build a smallish (collapsible?) spray booth water based finish only can not exhaust hydrocarbons with out EPA permit with some sort of outside exhaust connection, please
Build a printer that, when presented with a member's RFID tag, prints a label with their name, phone, email, date print onto masking tape or Avery 4013's because they're sooo cheap
Put a bill acceptor into the vending machine the one sitting atop the machine needs repair
replace diagonal runs of cat-5 that make the ceiling look nasty every electrical inspector hates that
invent a paperless way for people to fill out waivers research legal signature-capture? Do we keep the paper ones in some reliable manner? Does this need fixing first? bonus points if they can swipe some existing ID and prefill some fields. double-bonus if it records their hosting member by RFID.
finish the Open Access Control system coordinate with Evan mostly the CRM tie-in needs to be done, I think
Install outlet for CNC-zone PC
Implement Bluecam talk to Jon for his progress? See NateB for concept
Fix Sawdust receiver on big dust collector See Greg or dave Raise can off floor
Rehang e-room east bench on longer Unistrut for shelf support need 4 pieces of strut, each 4-5' long
Reprint all the fastener-basics pages over by the fasteners stock And put 'em in sheet-protectors this time.
Remove/rehang orange air hose feeding bike zone so it's not wrapped around everything
Fix air leaks!
Cut and hang small whiteboard inside fablab north door
Winterize roof vents need a piece of the pink foam insulation
hang new banner over garage door cuz the one out there is kinda worn! maybe relocate it indoors somewhere?
Add lights over welding bench Hang first light near outlet on wall with chain extend conduit from switched outlet on wall up n over I-beam trolley for second light. or extend from current switched ceiling lighting for always on when general shop lights are on.
Remove fittings from pipe/conduit and store in "clean stock" rack
Add blue paint/tape to machine-shop items (letter drills especially) need blue spraypaint, blue paintstick, blue tape
Make new "i3detroit" and "1481A" vinyl for front door window
Separate the compute-zone circuit from the treehouse wiring See Nate B for outlet details
Take down useless air plumbing near metal shop north wall and rehang the Dake sign somewhere
rehang the Red Green autographed 'duct tape' roll near his head perhaps?
Build new shelving for blue-bins design! approximately replace the gray metal van-shelf
Paint 36-inch keepout zones around electrical panels see for info
Replace cat-5 to accesspoint above rack so it doesn't fly through the air quite so uglyly
Establish a place for ladders to live
Find a way for the CRM to add/remove people to/from the Groups
Build 4 tables for the Craft Room. Rough benches like the thumbnail
; desired tabletop size is 30" x 36', height 32". For extra points, add height adjustment screws like those on the existing craft room tables! See Kevin or Justin for more details.
get Inkcut running on the vinyl laptop
add 7-segment displays to opto section move some sensors inventory into new cabinet (NateB task.)
Set up a public terminal or two, for printing and signup tasks, etc with clear contact info for who maintains them, please :)
Replace battery in west-wall emergency light
add outlet for lights near welding area so they don't need an extension cord...