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Looking for ways to help around the space? Apply your talents here!

If you're not sure about the details of something here, post to the group and ask.

Periodic tasks

Task notes last performed
Check/update all machine signs just print the first section of each machine's wiki page and stick it to the machine 2013 november
check/update all zone warden signs just print the first section of each zone's wiki page and post it in the zone 2013 december
purge graveyard put today's date on all undated items. Items over 90 days old go to dumpster/recycle. 2014 march
clean and sweep under graveyard ideally every time the recycling goes out...
Genie preventive maintenance see NateB. Should be done every 6mo or so. 2014 january
stock paper towel stations use the e-room one as an example 2014 march
Replace light bulbs every where burned out - Cool White long ago

Nonrecurring tasks

Doable, solid, well-defined tasks (with needed supplies and notes)

  • Fix the commons-area chairs, and throw away the unfixable ones
  • Trim the kitchen countertop formica
  • Get all the current members' pictures up on the corkboard and update any that are super out of date (email people to ask them for good pictures. Otherwise, just make people pose or snag off of facebook?)
  • Make official-looking sign for front area with Board of Directors, Officers, and Zone Wardens' names and pictures (Figure out exact design and placement-on corkboard where pictures are now? On whiteboard wall?)
  • Paint frames of bunk couches
  • Make a wiki page for the bunkcouches and add Category:Group Projects tag
  • Extend machine-shop north wall circuit to south-wall outlets (From behind buffer, to behind Acer lathe. Branch in the box near the fan. BrianW or NateB know the plan. NEED: Wire?)
  • Label newly-purchased safety glasses to reduce walk-off. (Bands of heatshrink with "i3" written, exactly like the Sharpies.)
  • Secure corkboard to wall by kitchen door. (Existing tapcons are undersized for their holes, either use the next size up or drill more smaller holes.)
  • Rehang fire extinguisher in metal shop where access isn't blocked. Suggested handle height is 30-36 inches off the floor. (With a proper concrete screw or anchor please!)
  • Move fire-extinguisher signs in metal shop accordingly.
  • Clean and restock first-aid kit, make list of to-buy items, pass to board.
  • Install keeper-wire in Genie battery trays (NateB task. NEED: Yard-sign wire.)
  • Repair/rebuild top of tall workbench in tool crib (NEED: Some 1x3 board.)
  • Hang light over lathe in woodshop (See GregS for placement. NEED: new fixture, tubes.)
  • Label/number each plot in member storage (compare MattA system and TerryW system)
  • Redo zones map according to zone colors (wiki task!)
  • Expand cable-path down backboard. (NateB task. NEED: Larger/more bridle rings!)
  • Change hydraulic fluid in Genie
  • Lubricate Genie column (NEED: Boe-Lube in spray can)
  • Finish cabling the installed cameras
  • Make "how to phone" cheatsheets for phones
  • Finish installing carpet squares in electronics lab (Adhesive is under bench.)
  • Update photos on [1]
  • Install a phone by the laser cutter
  • Fix Chronotune software
  • Replace diagonal runs and other unsightly cabling in ceiling

Abstract or more-planning-needed tasks

  • Find a way for the CRM to add/remove people to/from the Google Groups
  • Clean trap under urinal, does this still need doing? It seems to flush OK.
  • Add an outlet box on the column by the TV. Figure out where to run from...
  • Equip whiteboard room lights with motion sensors so they can't be left on forever
  • Build printer that, when presented with a member's RFID tag, prints a label with name/date/email/etc
  • Equip the vending machine with a bill acceptor
  • Invent a paperless waiver solution
  • Finish the OpenAccess system CRM integration
  • Implement Bluecam
  • Build a spraybooth

Completed tasks

  • Return bad fluorescent tubes
  • unclog utility sink
  • Guest sign-in poster near front door
  • Rebuild wooden welding shield with metal
  • Clean entry door window adhesive residue
  • Shuffle east-wall zones
  • Tear apart big rolly wall thing
  • Rehang whiteboard in fab lab
  • Fix drawer in metal shop Craftsman cabinet
  • Label acids cabinet and move acids into it
  • vinyl "i3" logo on porthole window
  • Clean and sweep area near gas tanks and sandblaster
  • Hang "unescorted guests" sign more securely
  • Clean kitchen window, replace duct tape with clear tape
  • Build stand for butcher-paper roll
  • Install pulley bike hangers
  • hang unused fan in metal shop
  • merge Map_of_Zones into Zones and make the former a redirect
  • Tape Outlines of Zones on the Floor
  • Fix Sawdust receiver on big dust collector
  • Rehang e-room east bench on longer Unistrut for shelf support
  • Reprint all the fastener-basics pages over by the fasteners stock
  • Remove/rehang orange air hose feeding bike zone
  • Fix air leaks!
  • Cut and hang small whiteboard inside fablab north door
  • Winterize roof vents
  • hang new banner over garage door
  • Add lights over welding bench
  • Remove fittings from pipe/conduit and store in "clean stock" rack
  • Add blue paint/tape to machine-shop items (letter drills especially)
  • Make new "i3detroit" and "1481A" vinyl for front door window
  • Separate the compute-zone circuit from the treehouse wiring
  • Take down useless air plumbing near metal shop north wall
  • rehang the Red Green autographed 'duct tape' roll
  • Build new shelving for blue-bins
  • Paint 36-inch keepout zones around electrical panels
  • Replace cat-5 to accesspoint above rack
  • Establish a place for ladders to live
  • Build 4 tables for the Craft Room.
  • get Inkcut running on the vinyl laptop
  • add 7-segment displays to opto section
  • Set up a public terminal or two, for printing and signup tasks, etc
  • Replace battery in west-wall emergency light
  • add outlet for lights near welding area