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Users can follow this flowchart on the overall process.
Users can follow this flowchart on the overall process.
[[Torq Cut Process Flowchart]]
[[Bridgeport_CNC_Mill|Startup Procedures for Operators]]
[[Bridgeport_CNC_Mill|Startup Procedures for Operators]]

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Bridgeport Discovery Torq-Cut 22

A vertical CNC machining center with 22" travel.

Basic Info

  • Ownership: Nate Bezanson (48%),John Anderson (18.5%), Brian Wennberg (18.5%), James Kemp (15%)
  • Location: In the center of the shop - it's the huge gray thing.
  • What it looks like:


Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Bridgeport Discovery
  • Part Number: Torq-Cut 22


not specified


Must be on the list of operators to actually run the machine, but anyone can request a part to be cut.


Users can follow this flowchart on the overall process.

Torq Cut Process Flowchart

Startup Procedures for Operators

Authorized Users and Trainers

No equipment access set up. See User:pajamapuma or Equipment Access Project for help.

Other References

not specified


Maintenance Info is kept on this page:
Maintenance Procedures for Operators

Things that Need to be Done

In the final stages of being set up. Tool chain still needs to be defined.


A list of commonly asked questions


Operator Name Trained By
Brian Wennberg Owner
John Anderson Owner
James Kemp Owner
Allen Majorovic Brian W.