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Bridgeport CNC Mill

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Obligatory but sincere warning

This is a computer-controlled milling machine. That means it has the potential to be dangerous since it won't differentiate between a chunk of aluminum and a chunk of flesh. Improperly used you can hurt yourself, the machine and the tools used in the machine. For that reason, along with the fact that the people who actually own the machine have made it available to I3Detroit, the machine demands respect.

If you've never used a CNC machine don't even try. If you've used a CNC machine then have the deference to prove your knowledge and sense of responsibility.

Start-up procedure

The CNC mill requires compressed air so the shop air compressor has to be running.
If no one else needs compressed air, don't forget to turn off the compressor after you're done. There's a leak somewhere in the system.

  • Power up the CNC mill with the power switch on the back panel. Clockwise is "on", counterclockwise is "off".
Power Switch - from rear of CNC mill

Main power switch in the "on" position.

Power Switch - "on" position.

Main power switch in the "off" position.

Power Switch - "off" position.

  • Valve to shop compressed air at CNC mill.
Valve that connects CNC mill to shop air compressor.

Compressed air valve closed.

Valve that connects CNC mill to shop air compressor in the "closed" position.

  • Lift red air valve on CNC

You'll find the machine's air valve on the left side of the mill. Just raise it.

Air valve on CNC mill.

Machine air valve in the closed - down - position

Air valve on CNC in closed position.

Machine air valve in the open - up - position

Air valve on CNC in opened position.

Next thing you want to do before you start using the mill is check that its fluid levels are where they're supposed to be. The first thing to check is the lubricant level.

Location of the lubricant reservoir.

There's a level marked on the duct tape.

The lubricant reservoir.

If the lubricant level's where it's supposed to be then check the coolant level.

Location of the coolant reservoir.

There are filter screens on both sides of the coolant tank that can be removed to check coolant level.
The screens have handles but they tend to be pretty grimy so be warned.

A closer view of the coolant reservoir.

Coolant reservoir open.

To recap, power on, air on - shop compressor on if it's off - raise air valve, check lubricant level, check coolant level.