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Ongoing Projects

  • i3 Beautification/Personalization Project
  • Our LibraryThing account
  • My choir's website reboot (Wordpress, PHPList, etc)

Completed Projects

  • Koi mosaic table [1]

Skills, Knowledge, Interests

  • I'm a civil/environmental engineer and materials scientist by degree.
  • I do a number of crafts, but I'm usually more interested in the product than the process. I've done mosaic art, basic crochet, some marginal watercolor, and a whole lot of scrapbooking. I can usually draw straight lines.
  • I took a typography course in college and am fascinated by letterpress printing. Someday I hope we have a typography studio at i3 with a big old Vandercook or something.
  • I know basic HTML & CSS. I fell off the web development wagon in 2002, but I know enough to install Wordpress. I am currently learning to program, starting in Python.
  • I sing alto in a concert choir, and am dying to learn to arrange music for SATB voices. Learning to playing piano or guitar would be nice, too. I've ruled out instruments I can't sing with.
  • I'm fluent in LOLcat.


  • Kitchen stuff (stove, oven, sink) so we can do craaaazy molecular gastronomy classes.
  • I'm dying for i3 to set up a typography/letterpress studio.