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About Jerry

I'm Jerry Bocci, which legally includes "Jr", but since my dad is unlikely to visit the space, just "Jerry" is fine.

I'm also known (mostly online) as Runs With Lightning (or RWL), which harkens back to my gaming and hacking days of two decades hence. (I've also been called Runs With Scissors, but we won't mention that again...)


I am currently a .NET web and application developer, contracted to the U.S. DoD / Army (which basically means, I can't discuss my work in a whole lot of detail). I've been in I.T. since 1993, as a contractor, and as a private consultant. My work generally involves web technology, but I have also done client-server and desktop apps, and have created a couple of simple Android apps for my phone.

I am familiar with the LAMP stack (Linux/Apache/MySql/PHP), and have considerable experience with the Microsoft platforms.

I also co-own a business, with my wife, developing consumer networks to help direct "sticky eyeballs" to partnered Fortune 500 companies, using social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and direct contacts. Our education system is powered by Team One, a fabulous organization based in Southern California.


I have been a tinkerer ever since I learned that "broken" didn't always mean "non-playable". I would often disassemble (and sometimes reassemble) toys, tools, computers, small appliances, stereo equipment, and anything else I could carry to my "lab" (i.e., anywhere I could "operate" in solitude for an hour or two). My efforts were redirected by my father, who taught me to use larger tools to create things with wood, and by various teachers, who taught me to "measure twice, cut, then get another piece of stock and try again."

I set aside my tinkering over a decade ago, to focus my attentions (and affections) on my (then) new wife. Now that the thrill of newlyweddedbliss has mellowed, I am rediscovering my passion for all things that go "blink", "beep", "clunk", "thunk", and "squeal".

I am also an avid gamer (see nickname, above), enjoying in-person rather more than online. I'll take on any type of board, drawing, dicing, and card game, on a table, on a computer, on a console, or on a field (under that big blue thing with the yellow disc). RPGs are also a favorite, although it has been many years since I've played any.

Completed projects at the space

  • Fixed a troublesome TV remote (it'd been dropped, about a year ago, such that the little red LED stayed on all the time, draining batteries alarmingly fast)
  • Fixed my new Steampunk-y goggles (a wire had become unsoldered when I mishandled them 24 hours after purchase)
  • Built several Larson Scanners with my oldest daughter. (Actually, she's made two of them, and I have yet to finish my first.)

TODO list

  • Fix a console-type stereo that my parents were going to trash (a couple of buttons, and the CD-tray, don't work right). This will replace the boom-box style stereo in our living room (which works fine, it just doesn't help the feng shui).
  • Play with my new Netduino Plus (barely cracked open the box so far).
  • Make a 7-band digital equalizer (DEQ), which can accept audio from an attached computer (USB) or inserted SD card, using said Netduino.
  • Combine DEQ with several SSRelays, to be used for one of those "singing" Samhain/Yule light displays.
  • Spend more time at i3Detroit!

Who to look for at the space

This is me from the 2010-2011 Destination ImagiNation Regional Tournament, Michigan Affiliate, Region 8 (now Region 3).
(For more information about DI, see their home page at ("I Do DI"), or the Michigan Creativity Association (MICA) at