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About Me

Contact Info

Name: Justin Triplett

Nickname: jtrip

Cell: 248 259 7104


Website: currently nothing


Skill Domains

  • System Administration, Application Management
  • Python, SQL, Shell Scripting, Web Development (html,css,js)
  • AC/DC, Digital Electronics
  • Audio Engineering

I Also Enjoy

  • Tabletop Games (90s White Wolf, Rifts, Shadowrun, D&D, Flux, Chrononauts, Munchkin, Illuminati)
  • Video Games (Minecraft!!! Steam, DS, PS3, PSP, iOS, Android)
  • Music (Electronic, Rock, Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Folk)
  • Bike rides and hikes!



Compute Zone
Zone Co-Warden
Open Source SIG
Recently Established, looking for 'members'
South East Michigan Linux user group
Amateur Radio SIG
A groups of people and projects related to Amateur (HAM) Radio.
Motor City Linux
Linux Signal Box
Should be a good way to study for a license
Modular Analog Synthesizer

Looking to Start

  • Raspberry Pi server monitor system, with local LED display and web interface / API.
  • SOC based web controlled video switch
  • Wooden Travel Enclosures for Pro Audio equipment (Studio Monitors, 19" Multi Angle Rack Box)
  • PortofPorts - crowd sourced connector, plug, jack, adapter, dongle database.
  • Furniture (Work Benches, Desks, Shelves)

What I want to work on and learn about with you

  • Web sites and services
  • Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone, Arduino
  • Electronics (Audio Equipment, Experiments, Developing Learning Kits)
  • Robotics (a robot that knows how to operate its charger)
  • Game Development (Kivy, or other python preferred)
  • Bicycle Modifications and Experiments
  • Non-profit volunteer work

Merit Badges


I have earned the AllNighter MeritBadge


I have earned the VinylRevolution MeritBadge

Event Host

I have earned the Event Host MeritBadge


I have earned the TourGuide MeritBadge


I have earned the CatHerder MeritBadge


I have earned the NoseBleed MeritBadge


I have earned the RecursaBadge MeritBadge


I have earned the CitationNeeded MeritBadge

Testing File Uploading

please ignore

6.1MB test "Artemis Manual" File:Jtriptest.pdf

15.9MB test "GSS Calendar" File:Jtriptest2.pdf