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Co-Zone Warden for the Compute Zone

Deputy Warden for the Fridge in charge of Dr. Pepper and Peach Faygo.

Currently working towards a PhD in Space and Planetary Science while simultaneous attempting a career change. If you really want to get me talking ask me why Pluto should or Shouldn't be a planet.


  • Mapping interesting Martian Features
  • Ruben's Tube- The parts are currently at the space and has worked at least once, it needs some updating and better sealing. If you want to help out, or just give me a shove of motivation, message me!
  • Kite Making
  • Stained Glass, mostly picture frames out of glass blobs or other things my stained glass instructor said where too difficult to bother with
  • Origami - Mostly Modular Origami and Geometric things. Pretty much any of the Tomoko Fuse books, I have looked through and recreated some things. I have a small piece on display in the craft room windowsill.

Classes I Teach

  • Kite Making (first class scheduled June 8)

Potential Future Classes

  • i3 Wiki Editing Workshop
  • Compute Zone Orientation-Google Calendar and Google Groups, Facebook, Twitter, the Blog, CRM, Eventbrite, IRC
  • Stained Glass Picture Frames