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Hi, I'm Brad Tarratt. On Freenode irc, I go by n8vi, which is my amateur radio callsign (and a nod to Bill Joy's classic text editor).

I drop by the shop completely at random, often when noone's around. If I intend to stick around for any reasonable period of time, I'll flick the twitterbot on.

Hobby background

  • I think I've got digital electronics down; I'm now making my first foray into analog and RF.
  • I like AVRs and am a fan of the arduino bootloader. I am not, however, a fan of the arduino board itself, I like to make projects on my own boards.
  • I can write code in C, perl and php amoung others. I wrote the repeater recorder for the useca amateur radio club (which I need to get back running again).
  • I'm a ham, as I mentioned, call sign N8VI.
  • ptimmins and I have a fully-redundant home network architecture (we live 1200 feet apart, have highly sensitive 802.11 radios, and work for the same ISP).
  • I've been using NetBSD for years, but am coming to be quite a fan of debian and ubuntu Linux.
  • I seem to have inherited the [Toughbook Wiki].



I've put a few bits of equipment in the e-room that I encourage you to use!

Things I'd like to learn

  • analog and RF electronics design (we'll see how this superhet project goes)

Things I'd not mind teaching

  • I love teaching. So long as you're not looking for something boring like help fixing a PC, just ask!