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My space-related TODO:
My space-related TODO:
* incorporate [[punchlist]] by reference
* incorporate [[punchlist]] by reference
* Backup keypad and help with software
=Genie lift=
=Genie lift=

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My space-related TODO:

  • incorporate punchlist by reference
  • Backup keypad and help with software

Genie lift

The Genie is mine. You can use it, provided you follow three simple rules:

  1. RTFM and inspect machine before use. Wear a hardhat.
  2. Plug it in when done. This is super important, as the batteries will damage themselves if not maintained. It's like $800 to replace them. (Plug in the charger, not the platform-power plug. RTFM to know the difference.)
  3. Call me if you have any questions. (248)379-3614

The manuals are here:

It's a GR-12, serial number GR01-122, manufacturing date 10-27-00, model year 2001, PIN GR 120A10100C