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Working on a FAQ for the group:

Q: Will you build this gizmo for me? A: No. We'll help you build it, but we're not a job shop. We're not an engineering firm. We're not a contract house. We're a club. You can be part of the club! You can use the group's tools, and toss ideas around with anyone who'll listen. And maybe you could strike a side deal with an individual member.

Q: What are your hours? I stopped in the other day and nobody answered the door. A: We have no paid staff, and thus no regular business hours. Someday that may change, but for now, swing by when the Twitterbot says we're open, or during a scheduled event. Members have 24/7 card access.

Q: So I need to be a member to come in? A: Guests are welcome any time the twitterbot says so. Stop in, flag down a member, sign a waiver, and take a tour. Then get to work on your project!

Q: Can I give you a pile of computer junk? A: Yeah, if it's not hazmat-nasty. Really, we've got all the computer junk we know what to do with, but we can schlep it to a recycler just as easily as you can. Optics junk, laser junk, and lab equipment junk, on the other hand! Now that might be interesting.

Q: Can you bring your Twinkie Car to an event? A: Perhaps. As with everything in the space, it's owned by an individual, specifically Nick Britsky, and you should talk directly to him about it.

Q: What about the Cupcake Car? A: It's gone, man. Just let it go.