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Introduction / Bio

Hi! Name's Nate Bezanson. Long-time member, first-time caller, delighted to be on the air!

Work background:

* PDH/SONET transmission systems: T1, DS3, OCx.
* Spent too much time with a T-Berd, not enough with a SunSet.
* Would be happy to teach you Bell System cable-lacing technique
* And wire-wrapping, the 25-pair color code, TP76300 workmanship
* Cellular back-end support: MTSO equipment, BTS equipment
* Know a little about CDMA, but just on the air and network, not handsets.
* Point-of-sale hardware, OPOS scanners/scales/printers
* Barcode scanners are a security problem, ask me why.
* Starting to learn my way around CANbus, but much is under NDA. :(

Hobby background:

* Electronics tinkering since I could hold a screwdriver
* Primary interest these days is barely-eye-safe LED flashlights
* Know a bit about a lot: Cars, audio, rocketry, batteries.
* Licensed as a ham, but never get on the air under Part 97.
* Part-15 though, now that's fun. Ask me about Ricochet.
* Am apparently a fairly accomplished solderer. Love to teach.

My space-related TODO:

  • incorporate ToDo by reference
  • Backup keypad and help with software

Genie lift

The Genie is mine. You can use it, provided you follow three simple rules:

  1. RTFM and inspect machine before use. Wear a hardhat.
  2. Plug it in when done. This is super important, as the batteries will damage themselves if not maintained. It's like $800 to replace them.
  3. Call me if you have any questions. (248)379-3614

The manuals are here:

It's a GR-12, serial number GR01-122, manufacturing date 10-27-00, model year 2001, PIN GR 120A10100C

Acer Lathe

The big lathe is mine, but Brian Wennberg maintains it, and I defer to his judgment. Don't break it or yourself, please.