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Introduction / Bio

Hi! Name's Nathaniel Bezanson. Sometimes I go by Nate, but that's ambiguous.

My work schedule is somewhat random. I'll be in town for months, then traveling for weeks or months. So, you might not see me around the space for a while, and then I'll be there every day, and then I'll be scarce again. Some of our other members work for the same company...

Professional background:

  • PDH/SONET transmission and cross-connect: T1, DS3, OCx. (STS-xC)
  • Spent too much time with a T-Berd, not enough with a SunSet.
  • Would be happy to teach you Bell System cable-lacing technique
  • And wire-wrapping, the 25-pair color code, TP76300 workmanship
  • Never terminated or spliced my own fiber, though. Would love to learn.
  • Cellular back-end support: MTSO equipment, BTS equipment
  • Know a little about CDMA, but just on the air and network, not handsets.
  • Point-of-sale hardware, OPOS scanners/scales/printers
  • Barcode scanners are a security problem, ask me why.
  • Starting to learn my way around CANbus, but much is under NDA. :(

Hobby background:

  • Electronics tinkering since I could hold a screwdriver
  • Primary interest these days is barely-eye-safe LED flashlights
  • Know a bit about a lot: Cars, audio, rocketry, batteries.
  • Licensed as a ham, but never get on the air under Part 97.
  • Part-15 though, now that's fun. Ask me about Ricochet.
  • Am apparently a fairly accomplished solderer. Love to teach.

My space-related TODO / project queue:

  • incorporate ToDo by reference
  • Backup keypad and help with software
  • convert DesignJet 300 to color (it's a firmware hack followed by recalibration, just need the right paper for the calibration routine, which may be a BS requirement)
  • install limit switches on makerbot
  • fix makerbot's build platform heater power connector
  • build far-IR flashlight
  • build XM-L flashlight
  • mod USB jack into Galaxy Tab


I own the Genie and the Acer 1440G Lathe. And lots of stuff in the Electronics Room.


I have earned the NoseBleed MeritBadge